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Given that there are so many things that you can do with 4DFrame educational materials, we are always keeping our eyes (and ears) open for both fun and useful tips on how to use it. Normally, they appear one at a time on this site’s front page until replaced by a new one. This web page will be a place to refer to those from the past.



#1 - Looking for some fun activities for your grade school students, museum or science centre visitors? Check out these 11 new projects for children in grades 1 through 6.


#2 - Do it like this! When you put the colored tubes on the 4DFrame connectors, pinch the end of the tube together between your thumb and forefinger, so that the crossection of the tube becomes an oval instead of being circular. Where the oval is widest fits over the connector perfectly; insert the connector there. Once the tube is in place, release your grip. This will make the tube hold better on the connector, and it also helps the 4DFrame material last much longer.


#3 - Many schools and science centers that bought the large and medium-sized 4DFrame boxes put their materials (tubes and connectors, etc.) in storage boxes that are easier to handle. Stores like IKEA and Clas Ohlson have a variety of good boxes to choose from. Many people prefer to put the materials involved in tool-type boxes with lots of compartments. It's a fun way to reinforce the theme "build and construct," and that it is about technology.


#4 - How can we create enthusiasm for science and technology? See Umevatoriet’s shining example; Moonbase Umega!


#5 - What did the participants do for activities at the first 4DFrame workshop held by Nordic4DFrame in their new office in Vaxholm? Click here to see for yourself!


#6 - What happens when you combine the creativity of an artist/educator with 4DFrame? Click here and find out!


#7 - With spring fast approaching, why not think about working with 4DFrame and math year round?

- Spring: Fool spring (make an Easter branch – about angles and geometric figures, colors, shapes and patterns, light and shadows)

- Summer: Butterflies and small animals (balance and equilibrium, big and small, symmetry)

- Autumn: Trees and leaves (build a fractal tree)

- Winter: Snow Flakes (crystals and symmetry)



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4DFrame Fun Tips!