With so many people using 4Dframe, we are glad and grateful that some of them have taken the time to write to us with their thoughts on using this creative educational material. The following is a sample of them:



Aadu Ott, Professor emeritus, University of Gothenburg, Sälvedalen, 13 January 2010

To whom it may concern

Since I've known Mariana Back since the 1970's and have followed her work, she asked me to write a statement to.


My impression of her work is that she has been diligent and innovative in what she has taken in hand, which is reflected in her curriculum vitae.


Her field of activities has included teaching and interpretation of phenomena using the most modern technology developed for use in science centers, planetariums, and in natural science and technology museums.


The work has often sought to transcend established boundaries between disciplines and unite the social sciences and humanities on one side with science and technology on the other.


Her aim has always been to avoid reproducing and copying, but instead to designing and illustrating the phenomena that are presented in a way that is characterized by both creativity and solid professional knowledge.


Her didactic insights can be characterized by the answers to the questions: What? How? Why?, are excellent. This leads to the exhibitions she has designed being well designed and equipped to be used for teaching and learning."



– Annika Mårtensson, class teacher Yellow [group, grades] 6-10, Mimergården School, Östersund


”I think that the work with 4DFrame went very well in my class. Students listened to the instructions and then started to build. They have looked and marveled at how different forms came to be.


They have been training their creativity by associating what the various objects/shapes represent.


The students also practiced at keeping their concentration on the same activity for an hour and they were still both curious and interested.


Eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills were trained the entire time and even prepositions.

It was very fun to watch as they sat and sorted the material and then spontaneously began to try things out and build very own fantasy objects. What creativity! They were totally absorbed in the activity. Good that they have to work with your hands and feel the shapes, then relax in several senses.


We/I look forward to a continuation in the fall of this work.”



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