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KomTek in Järfalla is a Swedish science- and technology-oriented activity centre that regularly uses 4DFrame materials in its programs both in-house and with local schools. Anna Nytomt Kristensson is one of their staff who works with this and she shared this set of activity tips KomTek developed (thank you, Anna!) for using this educational teaching tool.




Tips on how you can work with 4DFrame

Here are some simple tips on what you can do with 4DFrame. They are still under development, and not everything may be complete. Please contact us with feedback!


1. Building with plans

Choose one of the finished plans and build a star, or a rocket.


2. Geometry

Build two- and three-dimensional geometric figures.


3. Bridges

Build a bridge that will withstand being subjected to a certain amount of force.


4. Towers

Build the tallest tower that can stand by itself.


5. Snowflakes

Build different snowflakes. All snowflakes have six sides, but can still look very different.


6. Vehicles

What different kinds of vehicles are there? Build your own fanciful examples.


7. Patterns/Symmetry

Build different patterns, or symmetrical figures.


8. Building big together

Cooperate together in class and build Sierpinski’s pyramid.


9. Soap bubbles in three-dimensional shapes

Build cubes, pyramids, and more and ”fill” them with soap bubbles.


10. Inclined planes

Build any shapes that you think will slide or roll easily down an inclined plane.


11. Water wheels and windmills

Can you build a simple water wheel and get it to rotate under a stream of water? Build a windmill and get it to turn with the help of the wind.



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4DFrame Activity Tips