Nordic4DFrame is the sole representative for this exciting ORIGINAL educational material from Korea for Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Norway and Sweden.


With 4DFrame activity boxes and individual kits students in schools, museums and science centres can explore concepts in biology, chemistry, geology and mathematics. And the same colorful materials can be used to let their imaginations run free and create whatever they can dream up.


Not only are there easy to follow pictorial instructions included, but there are also books available as well as in-depth training sessions for teachers by qualified instructors.


4DFrame has become so popular that several museums and science centres in Scandinavia have installed special activity rooms in their already existing and newly-built facilities where students and families can play and learn together.



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Just now!

Two new informative videos from the Bilingual Montessori School in Lund on how they use 4DFrame.



The annual 4DFrame competition "Enlightening Imagination," which is supported by the Swedish National Agency for Education, will also be held this year. Due to the Corona virus situation, the competition will, in part, be run in a different way than before. See further information on the regional venue’s web pages (like the National Museum of Science and Technology). It is possible for schools to participate digitally as well. Information about the competition can be found here.



Philippe Longchamps, history and technology teacher with extensive experience working with 4DFrame, talks about such work at the Bilingual Montessori School of Lund. Philippe's students are allowed to build 4DFrame models of historical inventions. That way, they discover for themselves what the technical challenges were and try to find a solution. Read the full article (in Swedish) here.



You can 4DFrame workshop at school or at a distance! Lots of activity tips (in Swedish) have been developed in collaboration with Science Center 2047 in Borlänge.



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