What better way to show your interest in this exciting educational tool than a colorful Nordic4DFrame desktop. You can also watch a variety of video clips featuring 4DFrame in action.


Nordic4DFrame desktops:

Here are a variety of different styles of desktops that represent Nordic4DFrame. Some of them are single while others are a series of pictures on a similar theme. Those that are a series can ”slideshow” from one to another.

To download, click on the picture that you’re interested in; after it has opened save the image file in an appropriate location on your computer and then follow your operating system’s procedure for installing the saved image file as a desktop.

Please note that your use of these desktop images extends only to your personal use on your own computer and that they cannot be used for commercial, or any other purposes, without our specific permission.

Link to Nordic4DFrame ”Just for Fun” desktops


Link to Nordic4DFrame ”Prism” desktops


Link to Nordic4DFrame ”Wooden” desktops


4DFrame Videos

Pictures cannot completely convey what it’s like to actually work with 4DFrame or capture the atmosphere of a 4DFrame event. These videos from various organizations that use 4DFrame will help you get a better understanding of what it’s like to use this exciting educational material.

Link to 4DFrame Videos



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