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Here you can read reports and news for the current year. We update the news page as soon as something new and exciting has happened or is planned for. The posts are listed in chronological order: with the latest news first and the oldest last. Everything written on this page is archived year by year (see archive below) so you can always go back and find information from the past.


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Nordic4DFrame and the Corona virus pandemic

Like everyplace else, Nordic4DFrame's activities have been affected by the Corona virus pandemic: for example, it is not possible (in April) to order goods from South Korea to ship to Sweden. There still is some stock in-house, though some parts in the assortment are starting to run out. The 4DFrame competition, "Enlightening Imagination," is still scheduled to take place this year and Sweden has received an invitation to Seoul, where the competition is expected to take place in October. Swedish regional competitions are planned in eight venues: they will take place in the ways that are possible in each location, but they will primarily be conducted remotely. You will find information on each participating arena's website, or contact us at Nordic4DFrame for information and we can direct you to the venue where you can compete.



Philippe Longchamps is Sweden’s Best Teacher of 2020 (in Swedish)

How does Sweden’s Best Teacher of 2020 use 4DFrame in his classwork?



2020 ”Enlightening Imagination” Stockholm regional competition

The annual 4DFrame competition "Enlightening Imagination," which is supported by the Swedish National Agency for Education, will also be held this year. Due to the Coronavirus situation, the competition will, in part, be run in a different way than before. See further information on the regional venue’s web pages (like the National Museum of Science and Technology). It is possible for schools to participate digitally as well.


Enroll your students in this competition, which aims to stimulate creative thinking through the application of mathematics, science, technology and design principles.


Technology, innovation and model building with 4DFrame

“Enlightening Imagination” is a competition to encourage students in grades 7–8 to solve problems and put their ideas into action in a creative way.


This year, students can both train and compete at school or at home, with support from experienced colleagues. You will first get access to detailed descriptions via email and links.


Online instruction and tutorial:

Via Team: every weekday at 10 during all of week 17

Via Zoom: every weekday at 11 during all of week 17


You can buy or borrow 4DFrame materials so you can participate in practicing remotely with your groups.


Regional competitions

Time: Opportunities from now on. By 25 May, schools will submit documentation of their school/team's winning entry (one entry per 50 competing participants/25 teams).


Location: participation locally from a distance


Who: students in grades 7–8. Registered teams consist of two students per team


Detailed information follows:

The competition is held around Sweden in the best way possible for the participating venues. In the Stockholm region, everyone competes remotely. The venue then selects one winning team per 50 participants/25 teams.


The rules stipulate a well-defined assignment where the requirements are clearly formulated. During the actual competition, the participants have 1.5 hours to build their model and solve the objectives. The students must present their solution as: 1. short description, 2. a simple sketch of the model to be built and 3. the finished model they build from the educational teaching tool, 4DFrame. In the presentation, the group will show and describe how they have used their technical and scientific thinking in the model’s execution.


Assessments of the finished models submitted are made on the basis of technical solutions, creativity, artistry and the team’s collaborative ability.


The two winning teams from each regional competition go on to the Swedish final where they then compete with a digital presentation in English (a three minute long video judged by a national jury).



Register the whole class or interested students in teams of two to one of the participating KomTeks and science centers. You can also contact us at Nordic4DFrame via info@nordic4dframe.com and we will help find the right venue to compete. There are a limited number of places, so first come, first served!


About the competition

“Enlightening Imagination” is a collaboration between the Vattenhallen Science Center in Lund, KomTek in Alingsås, the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm, KomTek Lidingö, 2047 Science Center in Borlänge, Curiosum in Umeå and the Exploratorium in Skellefteå. New venues, for example municipalities, KomTek, science centers, libraries and schools are welcome to make contact about joining. The competition is carried out with contributions from, Skolverket, the National Agency for Education.



























Grundskolan magazine’s article about using 4DFrame In the class room

Philippe Longchamps, history and technology teacher with extensive experience working with 4DFrame, talks about SUCH work at the Bilingual Montessori School of Lund. Philippe's students are allowed to build 4DFrame models of historical inventions. That way, they discover for themselves what the technical challenges were and try to find a solution. Read the full article (in Swedish) here.



You can 4DFrame workshop at school or at a distance!

Lots of activity tips (in Swedish) have been developed in collaboration with Science Center 2047 in Borlänge.



1 January 2020

Happy New Year!

It’s the beginning of a new year! Why not start it off with a 4DFrame challenge?



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Thanks to Charlotte Graham and Philippe Longchamps at the Bilingual Montessori School of Lund for making this video and also to all the students who made the fantastic models!