Mechatronics Android® app


You can download the original version of the Mechatronics app for Android® devices as a ZIP file from here in case you have accidentally erased it or wish to install it on another Android® product.


There are two ways that you can do so:

a) Download it directly into your Android® device and when the file is unzipped, install it like you would any other app.


b) Download it to a computer, unzip the file and then drag it to your Android® device that is connected to the computer.


Download the Mechatronics app



Connecting to Bluetooth®

1. Activate application and click on ‘magnifying glass’ icon on main screen.

2. When ‘Connecting to a Bluetooth® device’ window appears, click on ‘Find’ button.

3. Wait ten seconds and click ‘4DFrame’ when it appears.

4. Enter ‘1234’ for pin number to register Bluetooth® module.

5. After completing registration, connect to Bluetooth® device by clicking on ID number.

6. When connection is completed, the ‘Control 1’ window will appear.


! The main board should be powered when connecting via Bluetooth®. Make sure to connect a charged-battery to it.


! The number which appears when connecting to a Bluetooth® device is the same as the one on the main board. Check the number and select to connect it.



More Mechatronics resources:














- The three original Mechatronics manuals together in one manual.


Download the Mechatronics single manual











- A single manual bilingual English-Swedish version of the original Mechatronics manual (compliments the manual above).


Download the bilingual Mechatronics single manual



- Bilingual tips for connecting Mechatronics models with one and two motors.


Download the bilingual Mechatronics motor tips



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Mechatronics Android® app

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