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5 November 2017

Team Sweden wins in 3rd International 4DFrame Competition in South Korea

Three out of the five two-student teams that travelled to South Korea in late October won prizes in the 3rd International Math Science Creativity Competition. Held at the Gwacheon National Science Museum, the ten members of Team Sweden competed along with students from nine other countries, with the most contestants coming from South Korea itself. The six winning students from Sweden who took bronze medallions in their category were Agnes Sundström, Emmy Renlund (Prima School, Umeå), Sara Lennström, Max Wistedt (Gylle School, Borlänge) and Alva Brandt, Elisabeth Dierschke Passikhani, (International English School, Lund). Those who did not actually place in the competition— Emil Österberg, Elias Hedberg (Skuru School, Nacka) and Yara Saleh, Sarah Al-Hams (Wieselgren School, Helsingborg)—were awarded certificates and medallions for their participation and to encourage them further.


It was a busy week for the students, the adults traveling with them from schools and science centers, as well as three parents who also participated in the trip. Besides the actual competition in Gwacheon on 21 October, some of the trip’s highlights included:

• Seeing 4DFrame’s headquarters in Seoul, which included a training session in their educational workshop


• Visiting the Korean National University of Education, participating in the Opening Ceremony of the 2017 Convergence Festival and receiving greetings from South Korea’s Minister of Education


• A chance to interact with similar-aged Korean students at the Mirae High School of Science and Technology, tour the National Folk Museum of Korea and the preserved historic village of Bukchon Hanok and the Insa-dong area in Seoul; a well-know neighborhood famous for its mix of both its traditional and modern cultures


• Visit Inha University in Incheon (a large Korean technology research institution), visits to other cultural attractions in Seoul followed by visits to the Samsung D’lite media interactive exhibition as well as both the Lotte and Nam San towers for day and night views of the capital city


• FREE time for the students to explore by themselves was also built into the schedule


“We at Nordic4DFrame can’t help but believe that both students and adults who had never been in Korea before were part of an experience that they will never forget; both culturally and educationally,” says Tom Callen, the company’s Operations Manager. “Our congratulations to all who participated, and we look forward to hearing how the students will apply their newfound global perspectives in the future.”



15 October 2017

Winners of Third Swedish 4DFrame Competition South Korea-bound

This will be an unforgettable month in the lives of ten Swedish high school students and their teachers and parents as they travel to South Korea, to take part in the international 4DFrame competition to be held there on 21 October. The five teams—Agnes Sundström and Emmy Renlund (Prima School, Umeå), Sara Lennström and Max Wistedt (Gylle School, Borlänge), Emil Österberg and Elias Hedberg (Skuru School, Nacka), Yara Saleh and Sarah Hams (Wieselgren School, Helsingborg) and Alva Brandt and Elisabeth Dierschke Passikhani (International English School, Lund—were the finalists in Sweden’s third 4DFrame competition.


The competition was held in late May at seven science centres and two KomTeks across Sweden; Vattenhallen (Lund), KomTek (Alingsås), Innovatum (Trollhättan), KomTek (Katrineholm), (Tom Tits Experiment (Södertälje), The Swedish Museum of Science and Technology (Stockholm), 2047 Science Center [The Future’s Museum] (Borlänge), Umevatoriet (Umeå), Exploratoriet (Skellefteå). All the groups of students who competed had the same task to perform in a specified amount of time. An additional part of the challenge was to first make a drawing of what they were going to build as well as describe the math and science principles used in its creation. The winning teams from this stage were then asked to produce a short video describing what they had done as the second part. These were reviewed by an international team of judges from Sweden, Finland and South Korea, and the winners were announced in the summer.


We here at Nordic4DFrame wish the five Swedish teams the best of luck in October’s competition.



12 June 2017

Third 4DFrame Competition in Sweden!

May saw the third 4DFrame competition to be held in Sweden, with the final goal to take students to compete at the international competition to be held in October 2017 at the National Science Museum in Gwacheon, South Korea.


Seven science centers and two KomTeks ran the completion:

• Vattenhallen, Lund

• KomTek, Alingsås

• Innovatum, Trollhättan

• KomTek, Katrineholm

• Tom Tits Experiment, Södertälje

• The Swedish Museum of Science and Technology, Stockholm

• 2047 Science Center (The Future’s Museum), Borlänge

• Umevatoriet, Umeå

• Exploratoriet, Skellefteå


This year’s challenge was different than that of the past two. In the earlier competitions, the student teams were tasked to come up with a design that utilized wind power that made their finished model move in some way. The 2017 “Enlightening Imagination” competition challenges them to come up with their own ideas—it does not matter what they build—but it has to follow the guidelines to “Create a tool, a construction or machine that could be good for the environment in the future. The model must contain at least two moving parts.” Not only do they have to come up with their own design, but they must also describe in writing what it does and what scientific principles it uses, but also make a concept drawing of what their object will look like when finished.


The winning students from the Swedish competitions were:

• Agnes Sundström and Emmy Renlund (Prima School, Umeå)

• Sara Lennström and Max Wistedt (Gylle School, Borlänge)

• Emil Österberg and Elias Hedberg, (Skuru School, Nacka)

• Yara Saleh and Sarah Hams (Wieselgren School, Helsingborg)

• Alva Brandt and Elisabeth Dierschke Passikhani (International English School, Lund)



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